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News Messages of 2005

December 2005
12-27-2005: Update on conditions at Greenspot
The people at the dam have begun to dump water into our area. As of Monday morning, the water level was approximately 255 feet from the west end of the runway. The water goes the entire length of the pit from north to south. The measuring pole on the west end of the pit has only one foot showing, so the water is fairly deep. In other words, those who have floats can float fly again. Also, thanks to all those people who have been sweeping the runway! [Pat]

The image was taken this Monday (12/26) it shows lake Greenspot in the background and George with Mario's heli up front.

12-18-2005: We have a new entry in our Member Pages Section: Check out the photo and video work of Josh Wahrer featuring in-flight videos from his amphibian plane at our Greenspot flying site. Member Pages
12-17-2005: John has completed his new P-38. He says that the only things left to do are to adjust all of the control surfaces and tune the engines. - Watch out for some action soon in Glen Helen or in the Desert!
12-14-2005: For all the RC jet interested, Robert sent a link to a promising magazine focusing on RC Jets. Here is the link: JET Power
12-10-2005: The pictures of this year's Christmas Party are posted! - Pictures courtesy of George.
12-7-2005: We have some new movie clips in our collection - If you have time and are looking for some entertainment, go check them out! (Movie Page).
November 2005
11-29-2005: There are a lot of links to funny, interesting, or otherwise flight related web-sites makeing their round. We now have a page that collects these "master pieces". Check it out under our new Movie Link Page. If you find a cool clip please send me that link so we can post it as well. Cheers and enjoy watching!
11-21-2005: MARKS X-Mas Party, final call: Please let John (909 882-8482) know, if you are able to attend this year's MARKS Christmas party and send or him bring your check (3627 North F Street, San Bernardino, CA 92405). Deadline for payments is Thursday 12/1/05. - Thanks.
11-11-2005: MARKS X-Mas Party: The date has been set, it is December 9th at the same place like last year, that is, at the Elk's Lounge in San Bernardino. By reservation only! So please let John (882-8482) or George know as soon as possible if you would like to attend. A traditional Christmas Buffet will be served ($20/person). John and George will provide more info.
11-11-2005: The Picture of the Month has been chosen! - Check it out under POM November.
It was a close race: 1. Place #4, 2. Place $1, and 3. Place #3.
11-09-2005: Vote now for the Picture of the Month!
11-08-2005: Something to check out: Wattflyer, the Formum for Electric RC planes has added a neat member mapping service (WattFlyer's Frappr). Using this new feature, you can add an entry of yourself with text and image and you can find others that share your interest in your area. The service is using the Google mapping service.
11-06-2005: This week is club meeting week. - We will meet as usual at the SBDO airport (Thursday, 7:00PM).

Don't miss this one: Jim Levell, one of our Master Builders will show us how to rebuild RC planes and convert them into an expertly finished model.
11-06-2005: You have one more day to send in your favorite picture! - All pictures received by Tuesday evening will participate at this month's Picture of the Month contest.
11-05-2005: The October page of the MARKS Photo Album is done. Can you find yourself? - If not maybe you have to send in a picture :-)
October 2005
10-31-2005: The November Newsletter is out!

Read it here first, before you get the copy by snail mail :-)
10-30-2005: Next weekend is Race Weekend in Greenspot!

If you want to race you club racer or just want to have a fun and exciting filled morning jon us at the Greenspot field next Saturday (11-5-05). For more information check our Event Page or send Scott an e-mail. - See you there!.
10-23-2005: Glen Helen Update: The outer area of the runway (old portion) that we just swept off is now basically unusable. The last race they had out there and the rain runied it almost completely. On the other hand, our main runway looks very good and is in good shape [George]. (1, 2)
10-21-2005: Check out John Skolnick's new projects! - John is currently in the last phase of building a P-38 and a P-47

"The P-38, which isn't as far along as the P-47 is a VQ with and 83" wing span. Spring Air retracts, Robart struts, and a Ram on board glow system sporting twine Super Tiger 61's with "J" tec mufflers. A Hitec QPCM radio will control the airplane which also sports fowler flaps. The P-47 is an "Aero Model" with a 71 inch wing pan. It's got an RVC 120 four stroke swinging a four bladed 16X12 Zinger prop and Robart air retracts."
10-16-2005: Glen Helen Update:

The normal Gate that we have been using as the entrance to our field has been replaced.

The new gate is part of the new fencing that has been erected by the Motorcycle Raceway along the side of Verdemont Road. The locking procedure is the same: The shackle on our lock is passed through the shackle of the raceway lock, then through a link of the chain that has been looped around the vertical posts of the fence and then our lock is closed. (Chuck)
10-15-2005: Thanks for voting for the Picture of the Month! - The winner is picture #1, followed by picture #2, and picture #11 on third place.
10-11-2005: Vote now for the Picture of the Month!
10-8-2005: We had a great BBQ yesterday Saturday with lots of pilots and friends gathering for some fun flying, chatting, and simply enjoying a good time. The weather was very favorable and the food was delicious. - Thanks to everybody who contributed, especially to Hobby People that donated many of the Raffle prices - Thanks a lot!

Check out the pictures at our Photo Gallery!.
10-7-2005: RCM Magazine ceased publication after the June 2005 issue. The company is now being sold and an announcement of the new owner will be posted on the web site in the next two weeks.  Unfilled subscriptions will probably be honored by the new owner or a refund made for the unfilled portion of the subscription. (Chuck)
10-5-2005: Don't forget the MARKS BBQ on Saturday Oct. 8 this weekend. - If you can help in any way please coordinate with George . - Thanks and see you there!
September 2005
9-19-2005: Check out Vic Bradley's awesome Musical Slideshow of recent flying activities at Lake Greenspot!
9-18-2005: The first pictures of the September Photo Album Section are in. - Check them out!
9-16-2005: We now have a For Sale! Section on our website. If you want to sell an RC related item, simply send that information in an e-mail to Please check the For Sale! page what information is needed.
9-9-2005: Added a template of a Sample Member Pages web-page. You can now view and download that template. We have also posted instructions that show you how to create your own web-page - Check it out!
9-6-2005: Vote now for the Picture of the Month!
9-5-2005: The September Newsletter is available for download!
9-2-2005: Dave Brown's e-mail to all AMA members:
Dave, our AMA president sent out an e-mail asking for help for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Here is a copy of Dave's e-mail in case you did not receive it and please consider helping in one way or the other. - Thanks!
August 2005
8-25-2005: Picture of the Month Contest:
There are six more days to submit pictures for the Picture of the Month contest! - Submissions are accepted through August 31.
8-23-2005: Glen Helen Reminder:
This weekend on Sunday Aug. 28. there will be a gcrallX car race on the wash that we normally traverse to get to our flying site at Glen Helen.

Do not drive under any circumstance through the wash
and across their tracks that day!

We have had them there twice already and they are just great people. It does not interrupt our flying. The only thing we have to do is follow the path that they lay out for us to get to our field. You are also welcome to watch and give them a wave!
8-22/3-2005: The President's Letter has been posted tonight. This letter is only accessible to Club Members. If you need to get access information please send an e-mail to your webmaster
8-22/3-2005: Greenspot Update!
Pat has made quite a bit of headway with the help of Josh (his son) and Vic B (Thanks!). He is now in need of hay bails and is looking into getting a parking lot sweeper out there to clean up the runway. If anybody can help with this please contact Pat.
Also: "Lake Greenspot" is still usable for float planes
Pictures of the runway: 1, 2, 3, and 4
8-19-2005: Our web-site is now already up for a couple of weeks and it was time for a reassessment. In this context I have analyzed the usage and found that some of the pages were nested too deep down in the site hierarchy, that is they were pretty hard to find. To improve on this I have added links to the Weather, Calender, and Photo Gallery pages to the Member Section on the left (Navigation Bar). This was a pretty big change, because all pages had to be modified. - So if you see something that doesn't work please send me a note and I am going to fix it. - Thanks!
8-15-2005: We have a new Model- and Picture of the Month.
8-10-2005: The August Newsletter is available for download.
8-10-2005: Greenspot Update!
The water level has gone down dramatically and there are now about 360 feet of runway. That is, the Greenspot field is back in business for float and non-float planes. However, there are some rocks and weed on the runway that need to be removed.

Please check with Pat if you are able to give him a hand. - Thanks!

Note for Float Fliers: The water level of "Lake Greenspot" has gone down approximately 60 feet since Sunday so if you are interested in float flying you should go there soon (Pat).
8-7-2005: Don't miss the next meeting (Thursday 8-11-05)

Members of the Civil Air Patrol, Squadron 5 will tell us all about the wonderful things they do to protect the citizens of Southern California. Squadron 5 is responsible for Search & Rescue as well as patrolling the borders between California and Mexico for drug detection.  Roger and his friends will give us a Power Point presentation about the Civil Air Patrol.

July 2005

Another step: Our site is officially complete!

We have added the Flight School section, started the MARKS Member Section, plus we have an online Roster and the design for the Frequency Distribution page. Some of these pages are for members only (Sorry!); we'll communicate how to access these pages at the next best occasion. - Hey, now that the new web-page is done, I might get back to flying RC planes soon :-).
7-27-2005: The Club's Bylaws are now posted.
7-26-2005: Back from my vacation: All models that have been submitted so far are posted. In this context: Members, please submit your own models, so we can post them as well. - Thanks.
7-12-2005: The July Newsletter is available for download.
7-11-2005: The former web address points now to the new address ( We are all set and our new site is officially on-line!
7-10-2005: The first part of the new MARKS web-site is now 90% complete. Today the Useful Links page was added. Pages that are still in the works are the: "RC Flight Training", "Member", "Frequency Distribution", and "Roster" pages. Also members can send in their entries for the Model info for the Model Gallery.
7-7-2005: After a break caused by a "dead" router, I am back in business. Our site features now detailed weather data per flying site. Checkout our Weather Page. You get to the Weather via the Club Info and the Flying Sites. I will, however, make this page more accessible.

Further, check out the club's Photo Gallery. Members can send in their pictures to be posted on the web for everybody's enjoyment. Photos are grouped by month and by event.
7-3-2005: Added Authentication for adding and modifying MARKS calendar events. Once everybody is setup with the new MARKS e-mails, I am going to send out an e-mail with user name/password necessary to update our Calendar.
7-2-2005: Added the calendar capability. - This is really cool because everybody with a password can add/edit/delete entries in the calendar that everybody can browse. Currently there is no password necessary so go try it out (MARKS Calendar). I will however add that feature as well ... we don't want people messing around with our calendar.
June 2005
6-30-2005: Started Model Gallery and created Model Gallery Form so that members can submit their models to be listed as well. Please start adding your models so we have a nice collection. I'll see that I can add submissions as they come in. - Instructions of how to add models are found on any of the Model Category pages under the Model Gallery page.
6-29-2005: Started Club Activities page, setup Picture of the Month and Model of the Month pages. Updated History Page and prepard for content. Added scripting support, that is, the submit button on the member applicaiton form sends the form to Chuck (